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Kyriakides Lab Group

The main area of my research is the elucidation of the molecular events that dictate the course of healing and especially inflammation and angiogenesis following the implantation of biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. Our primary research focus is on three molecules, MCP-1, MMP-9, and thrombospondin (TSP)-2 that we have shown to be critical to various aspects of these processes.

In addition, through the process of molecular dissection of cell-matrix interactions, we aim to incorporate rational design in the development of bioengineering applications such as tissue-engineered vascular grafts.

Latest Lab News

  • Article: Nanopatterned glass could yield medical implants with lower rejection risk
  • 2014: Tara successfully defended her Ph.D thesis in experimental pathology this summer. Congratulations!
  • 2014: Britta Kunkemoellar passed her Ph.D qualifying exam in the department of experimental Pathology. Congratulations to her!
  • 2014: Aaron Morris passed his PhD qualifying exam (Area Exam) in Biomedical Engineering, Congrats!