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Television, Radio, and Podcasts (selected)

"Only about 40% of people who are eligible have gotten a COVID booster shot ," NPR All Things Considered, February 2022

"United Airlines employees granted religious exemptions from vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave ,"Marketplace, September 2021

"Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Is Paused While CDC Investigates It,"NBC Connecticut, April 2021

"US Officials Question AstraZeneca Data,"BBC Newshour, March 2021

"1 Shot Or 2 Shots? 'The Vaccine That's Available To You — Get That',"NPR All Things Considered, March 2021

"Why Connecticut Is Beating NY and NJ in the Race to Vaccinate,"NBC New York -- The Debrief, March 2021

"Face the Facts: Answering Questions About the Different COVID-19 Vaccines,"NBC Connecticut, February 2021

"Could a COVID-19 Vaccine Surplus be Around the Corner?,"NBC Connecticut, February 2021

"State advisory committees exploring when and how to expand Phase 1B of vaccinations,"WTNH, January 2021

"It's A New Year, But The Coronavirus Pandemic Rages On,"NPR Morning Edition, January 2021

"Why is the coronavirus vaccine rollout going slowly? "MPR News with Kerri Miller, January 2021

"Challenge of vaccine distribution 'only going to get harder' after bumpy start,"WCBS Radio, January 2021

"COVID Vaccine Distribution in the U.S.,"New York Magazine, January 2021

"Coronavirus Vaccination in the U.S.,"BBC, December 2020

"Delays seen in COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout,"Associated Press Radio, December 2020

"COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Available in Weeks,"NBC Connecticut, November 2020

"Health Experts Say Manufacturing, Distribution And Public Acceptance Of COVID-19 Vaccine Just As Crucial As Scientific Development,"CBS New York, November 2020

"Waiting for the Coronavirus Vaccine,"WTOP Radio, November 2020

"AstraZeneca vaccine is third to show promising data in unprecedented hurry-up race,"Marketplace, November 2020

"Yale Study: Vaccine Won't End Virus On Its Own,"WSHU Radio, November 2020

"Emergency Use Authorization Explained,"Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN, November 2020

"Next Steps for COVID-19 Vaccines,"New England Journal of Medicine, October 2020

"How Much Will a Coronavirus Vaccine Cost?,"Marketplace, July 2020

"Finding a Vaccine--How Long Could It Take?,"Morning Ireland -- RTE Radio One, May 2020

"The Coronavirus Outbreak,"Newshour -- BBC World Service, March 2020

"The Race to Find a Vaccine for COVID-19,"Morning Ireland -- RTE Radio One, March 2020

"Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Policy,"CNN Newsroom, February 2020

"Measles and Measles Vaccination Policy,"NBC Connecticut, May 2019

"Measles Outbreaks in the United States,"SiriusXM Wharton Business Radio, April 2019

"Measles: The Outbreak and the Ethics of Mandating Vaccinations,"WHYY Radio Times, February 2015

"The Measles Vaccine Debate,"NPR Here and Now, February 2015

"The Past, Present, and Future of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices,"New England Journal of Medicine, November 2014

"Need a Religious Exemption? Check the Box for 'Yes,'"Interfaith Voices, February 2013