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Lab Members


Other Current and Previous Members

Current Members:

Heidi Voegeli, MBA (Research Associate, 2018-current)

Shahidul Islam, PhD (Associate Research Scientist, 2018-current)

Zhiyuan (Zach) Zhang, PhD (Postdoctoral Associate, 2018-current)

Zicheng Li (Chester) (Summer visitor, 2017, PhD student, 2018-current)

Hang Li (Summer Visitor, 2017, Postgraduate Associate, 2018-current)

Previous Members:

Victoria Patterson, B.S, M.S,PhD (Postdoctoral Associate, -2015)

Catherine Cherry, B.S, M.S (Postgraduate Associate, 2015-2016)

Neil Saptarshi, B.S, M.S (Postgraduate Associate, 2015-2017)

Muchun Niu (Summer Visitor, 2017)

Yue Peng (Visiting Student, 2017 Fall)

Qishan Liang (Lisa) (Visiting Student, 2017 Fall)

Nicole Bowens, B.S, PhD (Postdoctoral Associate, 2016-2018)

Brian Thompson, B.S (Postgraduate Fellow, 2014-2015, Postgraduate Associate, 2015-2016, PhD Student in rotation, 2016-2018)

Emily Xie, B.S, MPH Candidate (Intern student, 2018 Summer)

Henry Markarian (Visiting Minor, 2018 Summer)

Yunfan (Fan) Zhang (Summer intern student, 2018 Summer)

Namuhan (Na) (Vistor, 2018 Summer)

Daniel Ramirez Castano (Visiting Minor, 2018 Summer)

Jianming (Carl) Mao (Intern student, 2018 Fall)

Yitao (Tom) Yan (Intern student, 2018 Fall)