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Gunel Research

With the power of human genetics fueling our quest to better understand brain disorders, my lab utilizes state of the art genomics techniques and complex bioinformatic analysis for gene discovery followed by functional studies to pursue three major research interests:

  1. Developmental neurogenetic disorders: Gene discovery in developmental structural brain disorders (cerebral malformations)
  2. Neurovascular disorders: Molecular genetics and biology of hemorrhagic stroke, focusing on brain aneurysms and cavernous malformations
  3. Tumor Biology:
    1. Discovery of genetic/epigenetic causes of brain tumors.
    2. Translational Research:
      1. Precision Medicine Brain Tumor Treatment Program
      2. High throughput targeted therapy studies on cell culture systems across various tumor types

The overall goal of the lab is to understand the biology of these disorders and help design better/novel diagnostics, therapeutics and non-invasive treatments for these diseases.