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Welcome to the Dardik Lab

Dr. Alan Dardik is a surgeon-scientist who seeks to use the power of molecular biology to achieve a modern understanding of vascular disease, and to use the basic science laboratory to perform cutting edge research to ultimately benefit patients with vascular disease. The Dardik laboratory studies the healing and function of blood vessels and synthetic blood vessel substitutes that are used in patients having vascular bypass surgery.

The laboratory is funded from the NIH NHLBI and the VA, as well as from the Yale Department of Surgery. As part of Yale's Vascular Biology and Therapeutics program, the lab is located on the 4th floor of the Amistad building. Members of the Dardik laboratory include surgery residents from Yale and other programs as well as postdoctoral fellows and students from Japan, China, Lebanon and France.

The Dardik laboratory uses modern molecular techniques to study the diseases and therapeutics that vascular surgeons care for in their patients. As part of Yale’s Vascular Biology and Therapeutics program, we take advantage of our rich collaborative environment to push our field forward, focusing on basic and translational research that is relevant to our patients.