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Research is exceedingly costly. We write grants to federal agencies, associations, and foundations to request funds for pursuing the work described in our research description. Funds are used to buy supplies and equipment, and cover the salaries of students, postdoctoral fellows and myself at the discretion of the granting agency. Our molecular and cellular assays to discover new molecules responsible for brain malformations and cognitive dysfunctions in mTORopathies are expensive despite discounted rates thorough Yale core facilities. Without funds, we and our research do not exist.

In exchange for your trust and financial support, we dedicate our days, evenings, and sometimes nights to find answers and solutions for brain repair and limiting the devastating effects of diseases on the life of others. We are a silent army committed to working together to fight diseases, and in particular mTORopathies.


We are available to answer your questions so that you can learn more about how important your funding means to our work.

For scientific questions:
Contact Angelique Bordey, PhD, principal investigator at

For financial questions:
Neurosurgery administrators
Contact Lynn Tietjen at or Steven B DiCarlo at

Please direct all mail to the following address:

P.O. Box | Department of Neurosurgery | Yale School of Medicine
FMB422 | 310 Cedar St. | New Haven, CT