Grants and Endowed Scholarships

Need-based Grants and Scholarships for U.S. Students and Permanent Residents:

Grants are need–based and awarded by the Financial Aid Office. In order to be considered for a grant you must submit the following:

Merit Scholarships for U.S. Students and Permanent Residents:

The following scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Committee, and no separate application is required except where noted.

  • Bernadette M. Mosellie Scholarship Fund (FAFSA report required)
  • Creed/ Patton/ Steele Endowed Scholarship (FAFSA report required) 
  • Dean's Scholarship
  • Opportunity Scholarship (FAFSA report required) 
  • Peace Corps Fellows/USA

Merit Scholarships for International Students: 

  • Dean's Scholarship
  • Overlook International Foundation Scholarship Fund (for students in Latin American countries)

Outside Scholarships

All students are encouraged to seek outside scholarships from their employer, alma mater, organizations with which they are affiliated, and via web site searches. Students who receive a full tuition scholarship would not be eligible for the YSPH Grant. Students must inform the Financial Aid Office of any outside support, as awards may need to be revised. Revisions, when necessary, begin with loans.