Office of Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs facilitates the participation of over 4,000 School of Public Health alumni in the life of the School. The office develops and implements programs which sustain an active alumni network and strengthens institutional relationships. The office connects YSPH alumni to our students, faculty and administration. Serving as an agent between alumni and students has increased opportunities for student internships and jobs after graduation.

In addition, the office administers the Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health (AYAPH), which comprises graduates of both the MPH and doctoral programs elected to represent the social and professional interests of YSPH alumni. In partnership with AYAPH, the office serves as an advocate for alumni, ensuring that graduates have appropriate input into School policy.

Meet Our Future Alumni

Your gift to the Annual Fund provides scholarships for public health students at Yale. These amazing individuals are the future of our field and we are proud and excited that they will soon join our ranks of alumni. To help you get to know a few of them we have created a selection of profiles  below. As you learn about their passions and interests, you learn about the future of public health.

Casey Kelley

casey - cropThe H1N1 virus hit Wake Forest University hard when Casey Kelley was a resident advisor in her junior year. Through her position, she became a public health educator, helping students avoid the flu and, should they become sick, advising them how to recuperate while living in a dorm.


Kevin Ho

kevin ho jpgUntil he went to Kenya for his summer internship, Kevin Ho had a hard time believing that people would drink muddy water or use their mosquito bed nets for fishing or as a decoration.


Tayla Ash

Tayla cropTayla Ash’s interest in public health stems from her work in day care, where she observed children who hadn’t eaten breakfast before being dropped off for the day.


Corey Aferiat

corey - cropAs a first-year student in the Health Policy Management Department, Corey Aferiat has already had his eyes opened wide through his work with the YSPH Student Consulting Group.


Courtney Armstrong

courtney cropPrior to coming to YSPH, Courtney Armstrong worked for the Veteran’s Administration in Health Services Research and Development.


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