Nenad Sestan MD, PhD

Professor of Neurobiology, of Genetics and of Psychiatry

Departments & Organizations

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Neuroscience

Program in Neurodevelopment and Regeneration

Office of Student ResearchInterdepartmental Neuroscience ProgramStem Cell Center, Yale: iPSC and neural inductionCenter for RNA Science and Medicine, YaleNeurobiology: Kavli Institute for Neuroscience; Sestan LabGenetics | Psychiatry

Research Interests

Evolution and development of neuronal circuits of the human cerebral cortex more...


  • M.D., University of Zagreb, 1995
  • Ph.D., Yale University School of Medicine, 1999

Selected Publications

  • State MW, Sestan N (2012) The emerging biology of autism spectrum disorders. Science 337, 1301-1303.
  • Shim S, Kwan KY, Li M, Lefebvre V, Sestan N (2012) Cis-regulatory control of corticospinal system development and evolution. Nature 86, 74-79.
  • Kwan KY, Lam MMS, Johnson MB, Dube U, Shim S, Rasin MR, Sousa AMM, Fertuzinhos S, Chen JG, Arellano JI, Chan DW, Pletikos M, Vasung L, Rowitch DH, Huang EJ, Schwartz ML, Willemsen R, Oostra BA, Rakic P, Heffer M, Kostovic I, Judas M, Sestan N (2012) Species-dependent post-transcriptional regulation of NOS1 by FMRP in the developing cerebral cortex. Cell 149, 895-911.



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