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Experimental research on fungal genomics, and bioinformatic and theoretical studies ongoing range from examining the evolution of cancer, the impact of horizontal gene transfer and antibiotic resistance of prokaryotes to the evolution of quantitative traits in multicellular organisms to profiling the phylogenetic power of genes, and there is plenty of flexibility about subject, topic, and approach, as long as the question is sound.

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Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Townsend Lab works at the interface of probabilistic mathematical modeling and high-throughput experiment to explain evolutionary processes. Opportunities in the lab range from learning experiences in laboratory methods to independent research in theoretical and computational biology.

  • Theoretical work includes the use of computer simulation and analysis to better understand phylogenetics, evolutionary history, molecular evolutionary and population genetic processes. Computationally, experience programming in C/C++, Perl/CGI, SQL, Linux/Irix, HTML and Java is highly desirable.
  • Experimental work in the Townsend Lab includes organismal culturing, microscopy, and molecular techniques including genome-wide DNA microarray analysis, often using the highly tractable baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae or the fireburn fungus Neurospora crassa.
We encourage students with an interest in careers in science to design and carry out projects of their own or to become collaborators on current projects in the lab in areas that match their interests. We welcome students who are interested in the further development of their laboratory skills, as well as students who prefer to take on greater responsibility, taking a lead in data collection and/or analysis, and following projects through to publication. The lab has a history of publication with undergraduates as contributing authors.

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