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  • Yale researcher honored for diabetes research

    Matthew Rodeheffer, associate professor of comparative medicine, was honored at the third annual Helmholtz-Nature Medicine Diabetes Conference in Munich on Sept. 21 for his groundbreaking research into how fat mass can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

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  • New fat cells created quickly, but losing them …

    Once fat cells form, they might shrink during weight loss, but they do not disappear, a fact that has derailed many a diet. Yale researchers in the March 2 issue of the journal Nature Cell Biology describe how — and just how quickly — those fat cells are created in the first place.

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  • Researchers Identify Cellular Origins of Fat

    A study led by Ryan Berry GRD ’15 and associate research scientist Matthew Rodeheffer from the Yale School of Medicine determined that a specific type of cell, the CD24+ cell, differentiates into fat cells in mice. This development answers many questions regarding the origins of body fat, which is the key factor in highly prevalent conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

    Source: The Yale Daily News
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  • Grants From Women’s Health Research at Yale Target Breast Cancer, Obesity

    New Pilot Project Program grants from Women's Health Research at Yale will focus on two fundamental and important areas of women's health: breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer mortality among women; and obesity, which in women leads to higher rates of serious secondary health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

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