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We are constantly recruiting for volunteers to participate in our imaging studies. Each study has different requirements for participation and we accept healthy smoker and non-smoker volunteers from the ages of 18-55.

In order to ensure eligibility a volunteer can expect to partake in a short confidential phone interview, an in person visit with our physician and research staff, blood work, and a urine drug test. All information is confidential and no out of pocket money is required for the physical etc. Once you choose which study you would like to participate in, an MRI will also be required, if you have any non-removable metal present in your body please ensure with your physician that it is MRI safe.

To see if you qualify for one of our studies please call 203-737-6400 or 203-737-4833

What to expect

A general scan day for a participant can go as follows:

1) Check in at PET center with nurses and researcher.

2) Participate in a few computer tasks.

3) Nurse will place IV and motion sensor cap (If study requires an arterial line, a doctor will place the line accordingly).

4) Nurse will escort you to the camera bed and ensure you are comfortable.

5) Bed will be positioned into place and the scan will begin.

6) Scans are generally between 90 and 120 minutes.

7) Nurse will help you out of the bed and escort you back to your room to remove the IV and motion cap.

8) Meet with researcher again for end of scan wrap-up.

9) If you participate in two scans in one day there will be downtime in between.

Advice: Bring a good book or music to help pass downtime between steps 3 and 4.