Catherine Weikart Yeckel PhD

Associate Research Scientist in and Lecturer in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Biographical Info

Dr. Yeckel’s research interests focus on physiological mechanisms of human metabolism in health and disease. After completing masters-level work in exercise physiology at the University of Pittsburgh (1989-1993), she continued her study of human metabolism, using exercise as a model, in her doctoral research at the University of Texas Medical Branch—Galveston (1996-2001). Working with Dr. Robert Wolfe, Dr. Yeckel extended her interest in whole-body and muscle-specific fat metabolism while learning stable-isotopic tracer methodologies. Subsequently, she came to the Yale University School of Medicine for post-doctoral training with Drs. Sonia Caprio and William Tamborlane (Pediatrics/Pediatric Endocrinology, 2001-2005) and with Dr. Robert Sherwin (Internal Medicine/Endocrinology, 2005-2006). These experiences provided a health perspective on disrupted physiological metabolism as it relates to insulin resistance and beta-cell dysfunction in obesity. Dr. Yeckel’s affiliation with the Pierce Laboratory began through her interactions with Dr. Gary Mack, who shared with her an interest in thermoregulatory adaptations in obesity. Through collaborations with Dr. Nina Stachenfeld, Dr. Yeckel conducted research at the Pierce Laboratory, where she held a secondary appointment as a post-doctoral fellow (2005-2006). In July of 2005, Dr. Yeckel was promoted to Associate Research Scientist in Internal Medicine/Endocrinology at Yale and Research Scientist at the Pierce Laboratory. In January of 2006, Dr. Yeckel was appointed Assistant Fellow at the Pierce Laboratory.

International Activity

  • Cardiovascular risk in Romania
    Examination of blood pressure reactivity to cold pressor test in region of low-to-moderate inorganic arsenic in drinking water.
  • Low birth weight in Romania
    Effects of inter-individual differences in inorganic arsenic metabolism on low birth weight outcome

Education & Training

Oberlin College (1983)
University of Pittsburgh (1992)
University of Texas at Galveston (2001)

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