Bruce Jennings

Lecturer in Public Health (Health Policy)

Research Interests

Bioethics; Health Policy

Public Health Interests

Bioethics; Emergency Preparedness; End-of-Life Issues; Environmental Health; Ethics; Climate Change; Health Policy; Human Rights; Public Health Preparedness; Social determinants of health; Social inequalities

Research Organizations

School of Public Health

Research Summary

My research spans the fields of bioethics, public health ethics, and environmental ethics.I have a new book coming out in June 2016: Ecological Governance: Toward a New Social Contract with the Earth (University of West Virginia Press).

Extensive Research Description

Other ongoing writing projects include: Dementia and the Human Good—a study of personhood and agency in the context of dementing illness and the ethical goals of dementia care.

I am currently nearing completion of two new books: (1) The Ordeal of Solidarity: On the Growth of Moral Awareness and Mutuality in the Face of Injustice. A study of the philosophical underpinnings of social solidarity and the nature of moral learning and imagination prompted by efforts to achieve just recognition of others and just relationships with them. and ethical issues in the use of biotechnology, care for place, and places and practices of care. (2) Place and the Moral Imagination: Ecological Vision and Values. A study of an ecological and relational turn in ethics and political philosophy focusing on the concept of place. (3) Political Theory and Public Health. A study that develops a political theory for public health policy and practice drawing on civic republicanism, communitarian ethics, and discursive democracy.

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