Yinlong Jin MD

Visiting Professor

Current Projects

Research Training for Study of Air Pollution Control in China; A Prospective Comparative Study of the Health Impacts from Exposure to Different types of Outdoor Air Pollution in Four Large Chinese Cities; A Prospective Study of the Health Impacts from a Stove and Chimney Intervention Program Aimed at Indoor Air Pollution in Rural China; Surveillance of Body Burden for Major Environmental Pollutants in Chinese Population; Establishment of National Drinking Water Quality and Water-borne Diseases Surveillance Point; Selenium Levels and Cognitive Decline of the Elder in Rural Area of China; Report on Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC) and Health Effects in Asian; and Work Plan on Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene of East and Southeast Asia.

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Jin is the Director-General of the National Institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. His research interests are environmental pollution and human health, particularly in environmental epidemiology and the impacts of air pollution, climate change and water pollution on human health, especially in children, women and the elderly. Dr. Jin is the Principal Investigator (PI) for a prospective comparative study of the health impacts from exposure to different types of outdoor air pollution in four large Chinese cities collaborated with Yale School of Public Health. He also serves as PI and as co-investigator on numerous environmental epidemiologic studies.

Selected Publications

  • Gao, S., Jin, Y., Hall, K.S., et al. Selenium Level and Cognitive Function in Rural Elderly Chinese. American Journal of Epidemiology 165(8): 955-965, 2007.
  • Yinlong, J., Xia, M., Xun, C., et al. Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution from Household Energy Use in Rural China: The Interactions of Technology, Behavior, and Knowledge in Health Risk Management. Social Science and Medicine 62(12): 3161-3176, 2006
  • Zhou, Z., Jin, Y., Liu, F., Cheng, Y., Liu, J., Kang, J., He, G., Tang, N., Xun, C., Baris, E., and Ezzati, M. Community Effectiveness of Stove and Health Education Interventions for Reducing Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution from Solid Fuels in Four Chinese Provinces. Environmental Research Letters 1(1): 12, 2006.
  • Jin, Y., Zheng, Z., He, G., et al. Geographical, Spatial, and Temporal Distributions of Multiple Indoor Air Pollutants in Four Chinese Provinces. Environmental Science and Technology 39(24): 9431-9439, 2005.
  • He, G.., Ying, B., Liu, J., Gao, S., Shen, S., Balakrishnan, K., Jin, Y., Liu, F., Tang, N., Shi, K., Baris, E., and Ezzati, M. Patterns of Household Concentrations of Multiple Indoor Air Pollutants in China. Environmental Science and Technology 39(4): 991-998, 2005
  • Shraim, A., Cui, X., Li, S., Ng, J.C., Wang, J., Jin, Y., Liu, Y., et al. Arsenic Speciation in the Urine and Hair of Individuals Exposed to Airborne Arsenic through Coal-burning in Guizhou, PR China. Toxicology Letters 137(1-2): 35-48, 2003.
  • Jin, Y., Liang, C., He, G., et al. Yinlong, Liang Chaoke, He Gongli, et al. Study on Distribution of Endemic Arsenism in China. Journal of Hygiene Research 32(6): 519-540, 2003.
  • Jin, Y., He, G., Liu, F., et al. Quantified Study on Human Health Impact Caused by Coal-burning Air Pollution in China. Journal of Hygiene Research 31(5): 342-348, 2002.

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