Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the provision of the full range of reproductive health services to women across the life cycle. We especially welcome young teens to come and learn about health prevention and safe sexuality.

  • Yale Family Planning accepts referrals for comprehensive family planning services, including:
  • HPV vaccination to girls and women ages 6-26 as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Abnormal PAP smears, colposcopy, cervical dysplasia
  • All available contraceptive options & counseling
  • Permanent sterilization via tubal ligation, or ESSURE
  • Medical and surgical management of miscarriage
  • Medical and surgical pregnancy termination
  • Clinical trials of new contraceptive methodology (contact our clinical research nurse luisa.coraluzzi@yale.edu)  
  • State of the art diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia, including interferon treatments, referral for Botox injections (Yale Department of Neurology), and biofeedback (Yale Urogynecology )
  • Specialized consultative services for the management of vaginitis, sexual dysfunction, operative and non-operative management of fibroids, and abnormal bleeding, diagnostic laparoscopy/hysteroscopy