Sonya Abdel-Razeq MD

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences; Medical Director, Maternal Special Care Unit

Current Projects

Maternal versus fetal inflammatory properties.

Assessment of intraabdominal fluid composition and renal predictive biomarkers.

Assessment of free radical formation in sepsis conditions, including fetal perspective.

Selected Publications

  • Abdel-Razeq SS, Campbell K, Funai E, Kaplan LJ, Bahtiyar MO. Normative postpartum intraabdominal pressure: potential implications in the diagnosis of abdominal compartment syndrome. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2010.
  • Buhimschi CS, Bhandari V, Thung S, Abdel-Razeq S, Dulay AT, Rosenberg VA, Han C, Ali UA, Zambrano E, Funai EF, Buhimschi IA. Amniotic fluid angiopoietin-1, angiopoietin-2 ans soluble receptos tie2 levels and regulation in normal pregnancy and intraamniotic inflammation-induced preterm birth. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010.
  • Abdel-Razeq SS, Kaplan LJ. Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis: more than just a simple dilutional effect. Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Springer, New York. 2009; 221-32.
  • Buhimschi CS, Abdel-Razeq S, Cackovic M, Pettker CM, Dulay AT, Bahtiyar MO, Zambrano E, Martin R, Norwitz ER, Bhandari V, Buhimschi IA. Fetal heart rate monitoring patterns in women with amniotic fluid proteomic profiles indicative of inflammation. Am J Perinatol 2008 Jun;25(6):359-72.

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