Daniel C. DiMaio, MD, PhD

Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Genetics and Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Therapeutic Radiology; Deputy Director, Yale Cancer Center

Departments & Organizations


Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Therapeutic Radiology/Radiation Oncology: Radiobiology

Cancer Center, Yale: Virus and Other Infection-associated Cancers | Yale CTAP

Center for RNA Science and Medicine, Yale


Molecular Virology: Virology laboratories

Office of Student Research

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology | Microbiology: Viruses | Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics and Development: Genetics and Genomics; Membrane Proteins; Membrane Traffic and Biogenesis; Molecular and Chemical Biology; Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes, and Cell Cycle Control; Pathogen-Cell Interactions; Protein Dynamics; Receptors and Signal Transduction

Office of Cooperative Research


The DiMaio laboratory is studying the molecular mechanisms of how two groups of tumor viruses, human papillomaviruses and polyomaviruses, enter cells, with a particular focus on identifying the cellular proteins that mediate virus entry and intracellular trafficking. In addition, they are using viral transmembrane proteins as models to develop a class of artificial small transmembrane proteins with a variety of biological activities, including the ability to form tumors and confer resistance to HIV infection.

Education & Training

PhD Johns Hopkins University (1981)
MD Johns Hopkins University (1978)

Honors & Recognition

  • Member, Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (2014)

  • Honorary ProfessorUniversity College London (2012)

  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2003)

  • Graduate Mentoring Award in the Natural SciencesYale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2001)

  • Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology (2000)

  • Member, American Society for Clinical Investigation (1993)

  • MERIT AwardNational Institutes of Health (1992)

  • Mallinckrodt Scholar Award (1983)

Professional Service

  • Director, Division of Biological Sciences Yale University (2014)

  • Board of Scientific Advisors, National Cancer Institute (2012)

  • Chairman, Division S (DNA viruses) American Society for Microbiology (1998 - 1999)

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Daniel C. DiMaio, MD, PhD
Mailing Address
Department of GeneticsSHM I-141B, P.O. Box 208005
New Haven, CT 06520-8005

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