Hereditary Kidney Cancer Program

Kidney cancer is one of the most common cancers occurring in 1-2% of individuals in their lifetime. The current incidence in the United States is approximately 60,000-cases/year. While many cancers were believed to occur sporadically, it’s now understood approximately 5-8% of kidney cancers have a genetic predisposition. To care for these patients, we have established a Hereditary Kidney Cancer Program to both assist in determining if there is a genetic predisposition to kidney cancer and help to limit resulting complications.

This Program is designed for:

  • Unaffected, high risk individuals (≥2 relatives in same blood line).
  • Unaffected/unscreened individuals with either a personal or family history of a hereditary cancer diagnosis.
  • Patients with active or previously treated kidney cancer with suspicious features for genetic cause (early onset, bilateral/multifocal, abnormal skin manifestations, or association conditions).

The Program provides your patients with:

  • Experienced Cancer Genetic Counselors and Cancer Geneticist.
  • Urologic Oncologist who can advise patients on proper management.
  • Dermatologist for comprehensive screening of associated skin manifestations.
  • Surgical Pathology and molecular diagnostic support.
  • Panel based genetic testing of several known kidney cancer genes.
  • Somatic Gene Fusion testing for translocation tumors (ex. TFE3, ALK)

Our Program Team

Brian Shuch, MD, Urologic Oncology
Karina Brierley, MS, Genetic Counselor
Allen Bale, MD , Geneticist
Asher Marks, MD, Pediatric Oncologist
Christine Ko, MD , Dermatopathologist
Adebowale Adeniran, MD , Urologic Pathologist
Jeffrey Sklar, MD, PhD , Molecular Diagnostics