Peter Winey Heald MD

Professor Emeritus of Dermatology

Extensive Research Description

The role of T cell surface proteins in cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) and the treatment of the disease. Cytofluorographic studies of T cell mediated diseases and apoptosis. The interactions between lymphoma cells and normal immunocytes involved in the anti-tumor response against those lymphoma cells. We have been developing diagnostic tests for permitting the early diagnosis of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Clinical research projects involve the multi-factorial assessment of immunocompetence and tumor burden by way of antibody in molecular studies of patients' samples.

Selected Publications

  • Feldman SR, Brown KL, Heald P.'Coral reef' psoriasis: A marker of resistance to topical treatment. J Dermatolog Treat. 200819(5):257-8.
  • Kuo PH, Carlson KR, Christensen I, Girardi M, Heald PW.FDG-PET/CT for the Evaluation of Response to Therapy of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma to Vorinostat (Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid, SAHA) in a Phase II Trial. Mol Imaging Biol. 2008 Jul 30.
  • Kuo PH, McClennan BL, Thompson K, Wilson LD, Edelson RL, Heald PW, and Girardi M. FDG-PET/CT in the Evaluation of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma. Mol Imag Biol. epub Jan 2008.
  • Olsen E. Vonderheid E. Pimpinelli N. Willemze R. Kim Y. Knobler R. Zackheim H. Duvic M. Estrach T. Lamberg S. Wood G. Dummer R. Ranki A. Burg G. Heald P. Pittelkow M. Bernengo MG. Sterry W. Laroche L. Trautinger F. Whittaker S. ISCL/EORTC. Revisions to the staging and classification of mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome: a proposal of the International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas (ISCL) and the cutaneous lymphoma task force of the European Organization of Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Blood. 110(6):1713-22, 2007

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