Earl John Glusac MD

Professor of Pathology and of Dermatology; Director, Physician Associate Studies

Research Interests

Histologic mimickers of malignant melanoma

Selected Publications

  • Glusac EJ. Criterion by criterion, mycosis fungoides. The American Journal of Dermatopathology 2003 25: 264-269.
  • Glusac EJ: Of Cells and architecture: New approaches to old criteria in mycosis fungoides. J. Cutaneous Pathology 28:169-173 (2001).
  • Glusac, E.J., Shapiro, P.E., McNiff, J.M. Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: refinement in the application of controversial histologic criteria. Dermatologic Clinics 17:601-614 (1999).
  • Glusac, E.J., Kindel, S.E., Soslow, R.A., Smoller, B.R. Evaluation of Classical Architectural Criteria in Non-Mycosis Fungoides Cutaneous Lymphomas. Am J Dermatopathology 19:557-561 (1997).
  • Glusac EJ. Under the microscope: doctors, lawyers and melanocytic neoplasms. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 2003 30: 287-293.
  • Hui, P., Perkins, A.S., Glusac, E.J. Assessment of clonality in melanocytic nevi. J. Cutaneous Pathology 28:140-144 (2001).
  • Glusac EJ, McNiff JM. Epithelioid cell histiocytoma, a simulent of vascular and melanocytic neoplasms. Am J Dermatopathology 21:1-7 (1999).
  • Glusac, E.J., Barr, R.J., Everett, M.A., Pitha, J., Santa Cruz, D.J. Epithelioid Cell Histiocytoma: a report of ten cases including a new cellular variant. Amer. J. of Surg. Path. 18:583-590 (1994).
  • Lazova R, McNiff JM, Glusac EJ, Godic A. Promontory sign—present in patch and plaque stage of angiosarcoma! Am J Dermatopathol 2009: 31: 132-136.
  • Mariwalla K, Aasi SZ, GlusacEJ, Leffell DJ. Mohs micrographic surgery histopathology concordance. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2009 60: 94-98.


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