Yale Cancer Answers

Yale Cancer Answers is hosted by Dr. Anees Chagpar, Director of the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital, Dr. Steven Gore, Director of Hematologic Malignancies at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Dr. Susan Higgins, Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology at Yale Cancer Center.

Yale Cancer Answers is a podcast focused on cancer screening, detection, treatment, and prevention to provide the latest information to listeners. Hosted by experts from Yale Cancer Center, the show features a guest cancer specialist who will share the most recent advances in cancer therapy and respond to listeners’ questions. Starting on January 1, 2017, Yale Cancer Answers will air Sunday evenings on WNPR. 

If you have a question to send in to Yale Cancer Answers for possible use during a show, please email it to canceranswers@yale.edu

Yale Cancer Answers is not intended to provide medical advice to listeners, but rather to provide information to help them better understand the current range of options for cancer treatment, prevention, screening, and supportive care. Yale Cancer Center urges listeners to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to their personal medical questions.  For additional information and direction about your diagnosis and/or treatment options, please call 1-855-4-SMILOW


Starting January 1, 2017: Sunday's at 7:30 PM on WNPR

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Tune in live online at www.wnpr.org



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