• To provide an infrastructure and resources to facilitate access to biostatistical, epidemiological, genomic, health economic and other research expertise that can help in the design, conduct and analysis of investigations throughout the university.
  • To conduct innovative, biostatistical, epidemiological and health economic research.
  • To link applied and methodological scientists in biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, genomics and other disciplines for collaborative research projects throughout the university.
  • To train and educate the next generation of health investigators in research methodology.
  • To train the next generation of applied biostatisticians and methodologists in analytical sciences -- biostatistics, epidemiology and health economics.
  • To serve as a national resource for health research methods.
  • To serve as a leader for the dissemination of research results through symposia, workshops, publications and other media.
  • To become a world leader in comparative effectiveness research.