Recent Thesis Topics


  • Intersectionality, Discrimination, and Chronic Disease
  • Examining differences in timeliness of breast cancer care across physician networks
  • Environmental Mastery and Mental Health in Refugees Resettled to the United States
  • Maternal risk factors and perinatal outcomes among Pacific Islander immigrants in California
  • Maternal preference for infant size impacts infant feeding behaviors in American Samoa
  • Pre-gestational, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and offspring cardiometabolic health at mid-childhood: Project VIVA findings
  • Household Food Insecurity: A Risk Factor for Binge-Eating Disorder & Obesity
  • PIWI-Interacting RNAs in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma:A Post GWAS and RNA Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Status of Older Adults Predicts their Long-Term Cognitive Decline
  • Social and Biological Predictors of Diabetes Mellitus: An Integrative Analysis of the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study
  • Incidence and Post-Diagnosis Hospitalization of Infants with Neonatal Herpes
  • A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Circulating miRNA-210 Levels as a Predictor of Preeclampsia, a Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy
  • Updating Insights into Rosiglitazone & Cardiovascular Risk through Shared Data: Individual Patient- and Summary-Level Meta-Analyses
Judith Lichtman

Department Chair Judith Lichtman congratulates MPH candidates on their successful research presentations.


  • The Influence of Varying Cost Formats on Decision.
  • Likelihood of Achieving WHO Leprosy Goals: An Expert Survey
  • Exploring the Link between Early Adversity and Behavioral Health.
  • Factors Influencing Care-seeking Behavior among Patients in the Ethiopian Primary Health Care Unit.
  • Trust and a Respect for Persons: Public Health as a Profession of Relationships.
  • Kidney Transplant Candidate Acceptance of Live Donor ESRD Risk.
  • A Review of Propensity Score Use in Drug Post-Marketing Safety Surveillance.
  • Shaping Service Delivery for Cervical Cancer Screening: Understanding Knowledge, Acceptability, and Preferences among Women in the Neno District of Malawi.
  • Birth Weight and Risk of Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Population-Based Record Linkage Study.
  • Community Mental Health Workers and Capacity Building: A qualitative evaluation from Ghana.
  • Association Between Diet Quality and Adiposity Measures in US Children and Adolescents Ages 2 to 18 Years old.
  • Vitamin D Status and Age of Menarche: NHANES 2001-2010 Analysis of Adolescent and Early Adult Females in the United States
  • Barriers to Care for Cardiovascular Risk Factor Management.
  • Hospital Variation in Performance for Acute Myocardial Infarction with the NCDR ACTION Registry-GWTG "All-or-None Composite Measure.
  • Predictors of Nutritional Status among Young Children in Samoa.
  • Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) amongst Village Health Teams (VHTs) in Iganga and Mayuge Districts, Uganda.
  • Predictors of Prenatal Care Satisfaction among Pregnant Women in American Samoa.
  • Social support, stress, and Low Birth Weight in Soweto, South Africa: The Birth to Twenty Cohort.
  • Practice Patterns of Genetic Testing and Target Therapy Use in Metastatic Lung Cancer.
  • Adolescent Health: Parity and Nutritional Status among Married Women in Bangladesh What is unique for adolescents and what is similar to older women?
  • Development of a Measure to Assess Attitudes Towards Tobacco Policies.


  • Perceived Difficulty Accessing Care and Prescription Drug Adherence 30-Days Post-Myocardial Infarction
  • Impact of Marital Stress on Medication Adherence and Physician Follow Up after Coronary Heart Disease Events
  • Remote monitoring of Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators from 2006 to 2010: Patterns of utilization and the impact of new Current Procedural Technology codes
  • Providing Breast Cancer Survivors with Survivorship Care Plans: A Feasibility Study
  • Effect of Exercise on VO2max in breast cancer survivors taking aromatase inhibitors: The Hormones and Physical Exercise (HOPE) Study
  • Associations Among Inflammation and Cancer-Related Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Lymphedema in ovarian cancer survivors: Assessing diagnostic methods and risk factors
  • Risk Factors and Consequences of Substance Use in Post-Conflict Liberia
  • Association of Acculturation and Dietary Behavior Among Adult Latinos from the Los Angeles County Health Survey 2007
  • The role of race in the association between weight status and risk-taking behaviors in adolescents
  • Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes of People Living with HIV/AIDS Participating in a Home-Delivered Meal Program in New Haven, CT
  • Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Prostate Cancer Risk: a Population-Based Case-Control Study Using the SEER-Medicare Dataset
  • Early Parental Predictors of Adolescent Obesity in Santiago, Chile
  • The Impact of Pre-Injury Levels of Depression among Complicated and Uncomplicated Cases of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Functional Outcomes 3 months post-Injury
  • Regional Variation in the Costs of Prostate Cancer Care in the United States