Schedule an Appointment

Students can schedule an appointment by emailing Felicia Spencer or Kelly Shay.  An appointment can cover any topic, but here is a thumbnail guide to the types of services typically covered with an estimate of the time suggested for each type of appointment.

Counseling Appointments (30 minutes)
These appointments are designed to support students throughout the development and implementation of their internship or job-search strategy.  Some of the common issues covered in these sessions include:

  • Resume and/or cover letter review 
  • Researching sectors, fields and employers
  • Providing linkages to YSPH alumni and professionals in all fields and sectors
  • Identifying and pursuing summer internships
  • Assisting with the job-hunt process.

Mock Interviews (60 Minutes)
Students can schedule a time to conduct a mock interview with a counselor.  Students will need to provide a current resume.  The meeting will include practicing interview questions followed by feedback on style.

Walk In Appointments (15-20 minutes)
These are best suited for a student that has already developed a strategy for a job or internship search and needs to review application materials, follow up on a specific topic from a previous meeting, or discuss a specific question.