John Anthony Stephen Buckell, PhD, MA, BSc (Hon)

Postdoctoral Associate in School of Public Health

Selected Publications

  • Buckell, J., Marti, J., & Sindelar, J. 2017. Should Flavors be Banned in E-cigarettes? Evidence on Adult Smokers and Recent Quitters from a Discrete Choice Experiment. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, No. 23865.
  • Gladman, J., Buckell, J., Young, J., Smith, A.S.J., Hulme, C., Saggu, S., Godfrey, M., Enderby, P., Teale, E., Longo, R., Gannon, B., Holditch, C., Eardley, H. and Tucker, H. 2017. Understanding the Models of Community Hospital rehabilitation Activity (MoCHA): a mixed method study. BMJ Open, 7(2): 1-9.
  • Marti, J., Buckell, J., Maclean, J. C., & Sindelar, J. L. 2016. To ‘Vape’ or Smoke? A Discrete Choice Experiment Among U.S. Adult Smokers. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, No. 22079.
  • Smith, A. S. J., Buckell, J., Wheat, P., & Longo, R. 2016. Hierarchical Performance and Unobservable Heterogeneity in Health: A Dual-Level Efficiency Approach Applied to NHS Pathology in England. In W. H. Greene, L. Khalaf, R. Sickles, M. Veall, & M.-C. Voia (Eds.), Productivity and Efficiency Analysis: 119-143. Springer International Publishing.
  • Buckell, J., Smith, A., Longo, R. and Holland, D. 2015. Efficiency, heterogeneity and cost function analysis: empirical evidence from pathology services in the National Health Service in England. Applied Economics, 47: 3311-3331
  • Buckell, J., Smith, A.S.J., Longo, R., Hulme, C. 2015. An Economic Perspective on the History of the National Health Service in England. AUHE working paper series, University of Leeds. Available at:
  • Buckell, J., Jones, R., Holland, D. & Batstone, G. 2013. Efficient thinking: Introducing econometric techniques in pathology. The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, 164: 241-243

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