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Yale School of Medicine Bicentennial Symposium: Biomedicine in the New Century

Photo by Michael Marsland

In celebration of the School of Medicine's 200th year, 15 of the world's most eminent scientists, clinicians, and scholars gathered on campus April 28 and 29. The two days of lectures addressed the critical issues in health and science that face society as the School of Medicine—the nation’s sixth medical school—entered its third century.

Speakers for the symposium were: David Baltimore, PhD; Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD; Michael S. Brown, MD; Robert M. Califf, MD; Elaine Fuchs, PhD; Joseph L. Goldstein, MD; Eric R. Kandel, MD; Peter S. Kim, PhD; Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD; Susan L. Lindquist, PhD; Sir Michael Marmot, PhD; Charles L. Sawyers, MD; Phillip A. Sharp, PhD; Harold E. Varmus, MD; and Huda Y. Zoghbi, MD.

The full schedule of speakers and lecture topics is listed in the calendar.

Video from the Symposium

Thirteen of the Bicentennial Symposium presentations may be viewed here.