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To celebrate its first 200 years, Yale School of Medicine has produced a series of short videos focusing on pivotal events and personalities in the school's history.

In celebration of the School of Medicine's 200th year, 15 of the world's most eminent scientists, clinicians, and scholars gathered on campus April 28 and 29. The two days of lectures addressed the critical issues in health and science that face society as the School of Medicine—the nation’s sixth medical school—entered its third century.

The Bicentennial year includes a number of special events, along with annual traditions that take on special meaning in the school's 200th year. Photographs from the events will be posted following the White Coat Ceremony, Community Day Celebration, Symphony Concert, Symposium, and Alumni Reunion.
The School of Medicine welcomed community members from the Greater New Haven area, along with alumni, staff, students, faculty, and their family members for a Community Day celebration on Saturday, October 16, 2010, from noon to 4 p.m.
Eve R. Colson, MD ’89, came to Yale as a medical student in 1987, transferring from Dartmouth after her second year. Yale had yet to institute the White Coat Ceremony, the annual rite that welcomes the entering class to medicine.

On the Persistence of Memory Storage

Dr. Eric R. Kandel delivers a talk on memory storage, one of a series of lectures from The Yale School of Medicine Bicentennial Symposium, "Biomedicine in the New Century," which took place over April 28–29, 2011. Introduced by James E. Rothman, PhD.