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Manuscript Submission

YJBM manages all invited manuscripts through the online peer review platform Scholastica, a link to which is provided by the editors of the focus issue.

Once the article is submitted to YJBM, it is reviewed by the assigned editor(s) for quality and relevance. All submitted manuscripts are checked for plagiarism. Articles are discussed at the monthly YJBM board meeting and assessed by editors, who make the initial decision to send the article for peer review or reject it. If a manuscript is sent out for review, then based on the peer reviewers’ comments, the editors will discuss and make a decision about the manuscript. Three outcomes can occur: rejection, conditional acceptance upon revision, and acceptance. Please note that if the article is conditionally accepted upon revision, it may undergo several rounds of revision until it meets YJBM publication standards.

The Deputy Editors will correspond with the author regarding the publication decision and suggested edits. The goal of this interaction is to develop the article into a well-rounded manuscript. If it does not meet YJBM standards by the required deadline for the issue for which it has been solicited, the article may not be published.

Once the article is accepted for publication, it will be sent to the Editorial Coordinator for copy editing, formatting, and copyright requests. Issues are published in March, June, September, and December and all articles will be made available freely online at the time of publication.

A typical timeline from submission to publication is 1 week for initial editorial assessment, 4-8 weeks for peer review, 2-8 weeks for author revisions (depending on the scale of revisions requested).

If you would like to submit an unsolicited manuscript to the YJBM for evaluation, please send a 100-word abstract of your manuscript to with the subject line: Unsolicited MS_Last name_abstract.