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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Accelerator?
The Sustainable Health Initiative Accelerator provides participants with access to innovative programming and coaching, mentorship from faculty and industry experts as well as access to Yale Institute for Global Health’s network of global health agencies and investors.
What is the time commitment?
Founders will be expected to attend a weekly group seminar and coaching sessions for 10 weeks. Founders should prepare to actively engage with instructor, coaches, and facilitator for three hours a week in addition to other work and activities on the venture.
When does the next Accelerator begin?
The next Accelerator will begin in 2022.
What is covered in the weekly virtual sessions and coaching?
The Accelerator is designed to create a customized experience for each startup. Each week, founders will attend a synchronous webinar that will cover a variety of topics that will promote the maturation of each founder’s product (topics include developing a business model for social impact, customer development, strategic positioning, product validation, capturing value, and communication and messaging). The synchronous sessions will be followed by intensive and individualized coaching that will allow for each startup to progress at their own pace. Midway through the Accelerator, startups will engage with a faculty and/or industry mentor that will provide product specific insights. At the end of the Accelerator, founders will attend a demo day where they will pitch to stakeholders and potential investors.
Who can apply?
Entrepreneurs from all disciplines with innovative ideas to address complex health challenges in India and around the world are encouraged to apply. The Accelerator is open to students, faculty, and alumni.
May I apply if my startup isn’t focused on a health challenge or market specific to India?
Yes, while the program is partnered with institutions in India that will provide access to a broad investor and industry network, the Accelerator accepts ventures with diverse geographic focuses.
Can I apply as a team?
Teams of founders are preferred. The strongest applications will be founder teams that demonstrate a balance of technical and business skills required for a successful startup.
What if my solution falls beyond the suggested categories?
The list of broad areas mentioned is only an indicative list. We welcome applications from ventures with ideas and solutions that advance the mandate of sustainable health.
Can my startup be a non-profit organization or project?
Yes, a limited number of non-profit public health initiatives will be selected each year.
Is there someone I can talk to for feedback now?
Yes, schedule office hours with Nikole Allen, Program Director or Fatema Basrai, Innovation Manager for a consultation on an innovation or venture idea at any stage.