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Biniyam Deressa

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Biniyam Deressa


Dr. Deressa will spend his fellowship year at Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa under the mentorship of Teferi Gedif Fenta, PhD, B. Pharm, MPH and Purnima Madhivanan MBBS, MPH, PhD. His research will focus on examining the determinants of overall survival and to investigate the quality of life of breast cancer survivors. .

Dr. Deressa is a clinical oncologist with a passion for improving cancer care in Ethiopia. Tn addition to his clinical care accomplishments, which include founding an oncology unit in a previously unserved geographic area and starting Ethiopia's first breast cancer patient sup- port group, he is active in cancer teaching and research. Dr. Biniyam's areas of interest in- clude cancer epidemiology, global cancer disparities, cancer survivorship, and quality of life in cancer survivors. He is one of the recipients of 2020 Tnternational Development and Edu- cation Award (TDEA) from ASCO and 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African Leaders from the US Government.