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Jonny Garcia Luna

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Jonny Garcia Luna


Dr. Garcia Luna will spend his fellowship year at the Tnternational Center for Medical Research and Training ( CTDETM) in Cali under the mentorship of David Paltiel, PhD, Neal Alexander, PhD and Norman Maldonado, PhD.. His research will focus on the im- pact of transmission and cost-effectiveness of screening algorithms for syphilis in people living with HTV in Colombia. Accurate screening algorithms that reduce time to treatment may impact on disease transmission by reducing the time a subject is infectious.

Dr. Garcia is a physician and early career researcher who has been working on syphilis research since 2017 when he joined the Clinical and Community Research Unit of CT- DETM as a clinical fellow. Tn 2020 he completed the MSc in Global Health Sciences and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford as part of an international Master's Fellowship awarded by the Welcome Trust. His career goal is to contribute to decreasing the burden of sexuallytransmitted infections in Colombia through epidemiological research.