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Anu Menda

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Anu Menda


Anu Menda, innovator and change-maker, pioneered the RMZ Foundation to uplift the communities it serves through leadership, imaginative collaborations, and vibrantly creative transformations – by ‘Being the Change’. Under her direction, the Foundation’s diverse and dynamic public contemporary art programs transform communal venues into spectacular, accessible and well-loved community spaces, sustaining occasions for art and ideas, and cultivating a higher understanding of art’s role and relevance in society. Accentuate Art, Anu’s key directive for the Foundation, breathes creative life into community spaces with a futuristic focus, beyond home and office walls. Integrating non-profit Galleries and Pop Up Pavilions in iconic planned Art Centres into real-estate assets, the Foundation has targeted 100 public art installations in major Indian cities, starting with in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. Under Anu’s direction, the Foundation conducts diverse and dynamic public programs for contemporary art – transforming, through this, communal venues into spectacular, accessible and well-loved community spaces. Anu’s creative contribution to the urban setting resonates with intent to realize an enriched society where art relates to all aspects of life. It is Anu’s and the Foundation’s mission to make art available to the broader population, particularly to underserved communities, as well as, to provide direct support to, and facilitate partnerships between, emerging young artists and masters. Anu also co-founded a leading impact-investing accelerator, The Foundry, that focuses premium resources, smart capital and sustained mentorship on accelerating global social innovation to support exceptional, early-stage social enterprises. The Foundry’s philosophy emphasizes that sustainable impact is only possible through intentionally leveraging expertise from across industry, academia and government, via deep, multi-year partnerships, as complex and critical problems do not occur in isolation. Anu’s 5-year plan for the Foundry is to incubate 250 innovative and resilient high-impact social entrepreneurships that address complex and critical problems in the developing world. Grounded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, The Foundry is designed to radically accelerate the growth of enterprises tackling poverty, hunger, health, climate change, sustainable cities, inequity, future of work, infrastructure and innovation – through a deep focus on Urban Technologies, Health Tech and Social Enterprise. The Foundry’s portfolio organizations are creating inventive rapid response mechanisms in the COVID-19 crisis and help the world’s most vulnerable with remarkable adaptability.

In partnership with YIGH, RMZ Foundation established the Sustainable Health Initiative which provides a global health business accelerator for early companies striving to impact the world through social, health and environmental solutions.