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Sustainable Health Initiative

The Sustainable Health Initiative (SHI) provides a global health business accelerator for early to mid-stage companies striving to impact the world through social, health and environmental solutions.


To improve health outcomes in India and around the globe by catalyzing startups that address complex global health challenges. SHI startups identify and seek solutions for issues ranging from infectious disease to urban health and the environment.

The Challenge

Through the Sustainable Health Initiative, Yale students, faculty, and alumni strive to solve some of the most complex global health challenges using business-minded approaches creative problem solving and multi-disciplinary solutions.

The Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations recognize that promoting global health equity to end poverty will be achieved through strategies that address health and education, reduce inequality, spur economic growth and respect the environment. Entrepreneurship is a vital part of this approach to cultivate investment in sustainable solutions. The Sustainable Health Initiative is a collaboration between the Yale Institute for Global Health, Yale School of Public Health, and The CoWrks Foundry to connect the innovation ecosystem at Yale to that of Bangalore, India to cultivate health and health care startups for social impact.

SHI startups selected from Yale and India will have innovative solutions that address these challenges:

  • Infectious and vector-borne diseases
  • Urban health and the environment
  • Maternal, child, and newborn health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Non-communicable diseases

The Solution

Selected startups receive funding up to $70,000 USD or Indian Rupee equivalent providing an equity position. Participants enroll in a six-month accelerator curriculum at The CoWrks Foundry during which they will be mentored by Yale faculty and have access to a network of Indian industry experts that serve as coaches to support the company’s growth and development. Professionals and entrepreneurs from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

SHI 2020 Bridge Program

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 SHI accelerator program has been postponed. In an effort to keep startups moving forward on important global health issues, SHI has created the Bridge Program.

The Sustainable Health Initiative Bridge Program was developed as an interim curriculum and engagement opportunity between high potential health and health care startup being considered for the full Sustainable Health Initiative Accelerator program.

The Bridge Program aims to advance high potential startups identified in preparation for their enrollment in the SHI accelerator when it can be launched virtually or safely in-person in Bangalore, India.
Startup Innovation
iDocta iDocta is aimed at enabling access to affordable and quality healthcare in both urban and rural areas. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare by increasing access to health professional for patients everywhere through telemedicine services and in-person appointments/home care services.
UrPharm UrPharm aims to provide easy access to authentic life-saving medications in sub-Saharan Africa by providing a platform where patients can search, find, and purchase these medications with just a few clicks.
Navi Health Navi Health is an early stage startup seeking to ensure all college students can navigate their journey to mental wellness. We do this by developing care coordination technology, specifically student-facing resource recommendation tools and administrator-facing care management products.
AgriCORE AgriCORE distributes soil-testing kits that make sustainable land management more accessible to the agricultural industry. Quantifying the efficacy of sustainable practices is crucial for more widespread adoption. There’s currently no easy, affordable, in-field analysis method, so we’ve developed a kit that makes soil sampling and carbon-content analysis field-ready and efficient.
ExpoKEY Our mission is to transform health management and promotion, by establishing a sustainable bigdata system to predict risks of major chronic diseases and pregnancy outcomes, provide personalized prevention strategies, and create comprehensive risk-factor databases for population health analytics through leveraging cutting-edge health sciences, algorithms and blockchain technology.

SHI Accelerator Program

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