Awards and Pilot Grants for Yale Faculty

Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award

Hecht Award Application

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The Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award is designed to promote new research and programs in global health at Yale. Funded activities should be critical to the initiation of new work by the applying faculty members in international settings, such as efforts to strengthen partnerships with developing country-based institutions, collect primary data, and develop strategies and policies for improving health and health care in resource-poor settings. Two awards of up to $40,000 each will be awarded to mature proposals that have a clear linkage to a larger outside funding opportunity. In addition, two awards of up to $10,000 each will also be awarded to proposals that are initiating new work. Completed applications can be sent to Mike Skonieczny, Deputy Director.

Climate Change and Health Initiative - CCHI Pilot Grants

The Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative seeks proposals for innovative pilot research projects focused on climate change and health. We encourage applications from co-Principal Investigators across disciplines, especially collaborations between Yale School of Public Health faculty and faculty from other parts of the University. Priority for funding will be based on the scientific merit of the research plan; the likelihood that the project will lead to a larger, externally-funded study; the likelihood that the project will be completed within one year; and the extent to which the project is interdisciplinary. Applicants may request up to $50,000. Funds are available for two awards. For more information read the Request for Proposals.

Leitner Awards for Uncommon Environmental Collaboration

These awards are meant to stimulate focus on six key initiatives by providing pilot funding for new research (up to $75,000) and teaching (up to $25,000).  The six focal areas are all identified in the F&ES Strategic Plan, but clearly link to scholarship across the University and of great need in the world. They include:

  • Climate Change – Climate Change will impact all living beings, the environment, and the fabric of our social, cultural, economic and political ways of life. It is a formidable, overarching global sustainability challenge, creating an urgent and growing need for interdisciplinary scholarship, education, and communication.
  • Urban Systems and the Environment – Urban systems are becoming ever-more central to both environmental challenges and their solutions. Finding ways to inform and influence thoughtful urban environmental management will be key to a sustainable future.
  • Environmental Communications – Effective communication, collaboration and negotiation are essential for solving environmental problems.
  • Environmental Data Science – There are unexplored opportunities for leveraging data, digital technology, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and computation to generate new knowledge about people and their environment in order to inform a sustainable future.
  • Environmental Justice and Environmental Health – Issues associated with justice, social equity, and human health are inextricably linked to all environmental problems, including urbanization and climate change, toxic chemicals and pollution prevention, energy production and use, air and water quality, access to open spaces, and many more.
  • Interdisciplinary Team Teaching – training students to become highly adept interdisciplinary thinkers capable of understanding the language of multiple disciplines, and bridging ways of thinking.

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MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies

Kempf Memorial Fund

The Kempf Memorial Fund supports faculty in organizing on-campus conferences, workshops, and lecture(s) on international topics in their fields of interest. Preference will be given to focused workshops on topics directly related to the current research interests of the convening faculty member. Kempf funds are decided during the Spring term for activities to be held during the following academic year. Requests for Kempf funding fare due in March for the following academic year. Please send applications to Lourdes Haynes.

Faculty Research Grants

The MacMillan Center Faculty Research Grants are available to full-time ladder faculty in any department or school of the university. Research grants are awarded for studies that will increase understanding of specific countries and societies in the modern era; for problem-oriented and comparative studies within and between regions; and for studies in international relations and global affairs. Applications are due in March of each year. Contact Lourdes Haynes.

Hecht Award Junior Faculty

The Hecht Award is granted to faculty to advance new research and projects in global health at Yale.