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Grant-Writing Support and Workshops

Letter of support from YIGH

Dr. Saad Omer, Director of YIGH, is available to provide support for funding applications related to global health. If you would like to receive a letter of affiliation from YIGH in support of an application for funding, please download and complete this template, and then submit it for review to two weeks prior to your deadline. Dr. Omer will review the draft letter and either provide input or simply sign, as needed, and our team will return the completed letter to you for inclusion in your application.

Global Health Grant-Writing Support

YIGH offers consultation services to assist with the preliminary steps of a grant application, a million dollars or more, and submission process and to provide support for grant writing and research necessary with grant opportunities, a million dollars or more.

If you are considering a grant submission, of a million dollars or more, and would like to request support, email for more information. Please note that support is short in duration and may be limited based on availability.

Global Health Grant-Writing Workshops

During the academic year, YIGH will host virtual workshops to offer practical tips on how to apply for and secure global health grant funding. Each workshop will focus on particular grant-funding mechanisms and will provide background and details about the type of grant funding available and how to apply.