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Research Project Links

Clinical Informatics Projects

  • The GLIDES (Guidelines Into Decision Support) project - AHRQ funded - will demonstrate a systematic and replicable process by which knowledge contained in clinical practice guidelines can be transformed into computer-based clinical decision support solutions and taken to scale to improve the quality of healthcare delivery in the U.S.
  • GEM (the Guideline Elements Model) is an XML- based guideline document model that can store and organize the heterogeneous information contained in practice guidelines.
  • The ERICCA Project (the Electronic Records to Improve Care for Children with Asthma) is a multi-institutional initiative to bring health information exchange functionality to the Greater New Haven area and ultimately to the region as a whole. It includes distribution of electronic health records and connectivity, implementation of computer-based decision support tools, and evaluation components.
  • The ERGO Project (Effective Representation of Guidelines with Ontologies)- funded jointly by the National Library of Medicine and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - aims to improve the processes by which knowledge about best clinical practice is transformed into systems that will influence clinical care.
  • The GLIA Project (GuideLine Implementability Appraisal) seeks to understand factors that facilitate and interfere with effective implementation of scientific knowledge in clinical care processes. The GLIA instrument has been developed and applied in a variety of settings worldwide.
  • The Guideline Implementation Project has explored the use of mobile, pen-based devices that incorporate guideline knowledge to provide clinical decision support and overcome challenges to user acceptance.
  • The COGS (Conference on Guideline Standardization) Project sought to identify key elements that should be included in clinical guidelines and to understand factors that influence guideline implementability.

Genome Informatics Projects

Neuroinformatics Projects

  • The SenseLab project is a long term effort to develop a comprehensive approach to building integrated, multidisciplinary models of neurons and neural systems, using the olfactory system as a model.
  • The Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) is a dynamic inventory of Web-based neuroscience resources: data, materials, and tools accessible via any computer connected to the Internet. The NIF is being developed as a multi-site collaborative project which includes Yale.