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Scholars will be accepted for a 2 year period with potential to apply for a 3rd year. The curriculum will be tailored to individual Scholars, depending on prior coursework and training.

The core curriculum teaches basic and advanced dissemination and implementation methods, with attention to both quantitative and qualitative methods. Core coursework includes a seminar series on D&I science led by Drs. Bernstein and Curry.

The curriculum also has required seminars in leadership that focus on team-based leadership, engagement and communication.

Scholars may opt out of biostatistics and clinical and health services research if they have equivalent training.

In general, YSIS Scholars studying for the Master of Health Science degree will take more courses than Scholars with comparable prior training.

An extensive menu of educational offerings across the entire Yale campus including the Schools of Management, Nursing, and Public Health allows Scholars to augment their core educational experience and customize their program. Additional information about the MHS degree program at Yale can be found at: Master of Health Science Program page on the Medical Education website.

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Director – Mona Sharifi, MD, MPH

Program Manager – Emily Finn, MPH