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Saria Hassan, MD

Instructor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Deputy Director, Yale-TCC

Saria Hassan, MD is an Associate Research Scientist and the Deputy Director of the Yale-Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities focused on Precision Medicine (Yale-TCC). The Yale-TCC is a collaboration between health, policy, and community leaders in Region II (New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands), Trinidad, and Barbados that looks to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases in the region. Yale-TCC focuses on the early detection and prevention of...

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Kimberly Hieftje, PhD, MS, BS

Research Scientist

Director, play4REAL Lab at Yale, Internal Medicine

Deputy Director, Yale Center for Health & Learning Games

Deputy Director, play2PREVENT Lab at Yale

Kimberly Hieftje, PhD, is a Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine and the Deputy Director of the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games, where faculty focus on the development and evaluation of videogame interventions for health prevention and promotion, behavior change, and education in adolescents and young adults at risk for health disparities. Additionally, Dr. Hieftje is also the Deputy Director of the play2PREVENT Lab and Director of the virtual reality play4REAL Lab at the...

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Yuan Lu, ScD

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (Cardiology)

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