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Brief training for 18-26 year olds: Regulation of alcohol craving

What is the purpose of this trial?

If you are 18 to 26 years old and drink alcohol, you may be eligible to participate in a free and confidential study that will focus on whether brief training affects alcohol drinking. The study will consist of a basic screening, in-person visits, fMRI visits, and phone/online follow-up assessments. Participants will receive up to $679.

To learn more or to see if you are eligible to participate, please email or text 203-641-9417.

  • Trial with
    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
  • Ages
    18 years - 26 years
  • Gender

Contact Information

For more information about this study, including how to volunteer, contact Alcohol Craving Study

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