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Perinatal Attentional Retraining Intervention for Smoking (PARIS)


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Phase COVID-Pilot

What is the purpose of this trial?

Brief Summary:

The proposed research intends to randomize 50 abstinent pregnant smokers to receive either the attentional retraining (AR) or control VP task. Participants will be asked to carry around a smartphone as they go about their daily lives for 2 weeks in their last month of pregnancy (Phase 1).

The smartphone will sound an alert randomly during the day, at which time participants will be asked to respond to a short set of questions assessing subjective states; this will be followed by a request to complete the AR (or control) procedures. This same procedure will be repeated for 2 weeks immediately after delivery (Phase 2).

Women will undergo a follow-up visit 3 months after the end of Phase 2, and complete an unmodified VP and follow-up assessments.

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    National Institute on Minority Health and Heath Disparities (NIMHD)
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