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YCCI  provides access to infrastructure in support of community-based and translational research and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations between Yale faculty and community practitioners. For more information, click on the following program links:

  • Whether you’re contemplating your first clinical trial or are an experienced investigator, YCCI can help you navigate today’s complex research landscape. Our wide array of services and resources supports all aspects of clinical and translational research. YCCI support includes services to design and manage clinical trials, cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies, funding opportunities for pilot projects, and experienced staff to assist in ensuring the quality and safety of clinical trials. We encourage you to explore this website to discover how we can help transform your research ideas into successfully completed clinical and translational studies.
  • YCCI recognizes that broadening community participation in clinical research involves linking investigators directly to resources in the community. To facilitate this, YCCI has partnered withJunta for Progressive Actionand theAfrican Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) Churchto ensure that clinical trial participation reflects the diversity of New Haven’s population and will benefit patients in the community and beyond.