Science and Safety Committee (SSC)


The role of the Science and Safety Committee is to evaluate the scientific merit of clinical research protocols including novelty of the science, impact of the science on the subject area of the protocol, and justification of the utilization of human subjects to answer the scientific question(s) of the protocol. The Committee is also charged with the evaluation of the safety of the protocol with regard to inclusion/exclusion criteria, minimization of risks/maximization of benefits, justification of the research procedures to be utilized, and plans for the provision of overall medical and nursing care for subjects.

Protocols Requiring SSC Review
All investigators requesting YCCI services should contact Protocols are accepted on a continuous basis and may be submitted via e-mail or the on-line COEUS system.  High Risk & Phase I studies that utilize YCCI resources will be scheduled for SSC primary review for the next available committee date. Upon submission, the Office of Quality and Assurance and Training will inform the PI of when the Science and Safety Committee will convene to review the submission. 

For additional information regarding whether or not a protocol needs to go through the SSC please email

Science and Safety Committee (SSC)

For information contact:

Dismayra Martinez, MHE, CCRP
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
2 Church Street South, Suite 112