Pilots to Promote T2 and T3 Research

YCCI invites faculty to submit applications for the promotion of T2 and T3 research.

  • T2 research is defined as the translation of initial research findings to test initial hypotheses and/or approaches in clinical trials, including the development of evidence-based guidelines.
  • T3 research is defined as research aimed at enhancing the adoption of best practices in the community, including research focused on cost-effectiveness of prevention and treatment strategies.

Research in these categories could include but is not limited to comparative effectiveness, research to improve the quality of patient care, enhancing patient safety, improving health outcomes process improvement, health policy, community-based projects, research on new outreach approaches, and mathematical modeling of disease.

These research projects should be directed at accumulating preliminary research data that can be used to support larger, longer-term applications to NIH and other peer-reviewed funding agencies.