Guidelines for Science and Safety Committee Review

High Risk & Phase I studies that utilize YCCI resources will be scheduled for SSC primary review for the next available committee date. Protocols are accepted on a continuous basis and may be submitted via e-mail to or COEUS system.  Investigators will be notified regarding receipt of their protocol and disposition for review upon receipt of all documents, including:

  • HIC application
  • Yale HIC formatted Informed Consent form(s)
  • Sponsor Protocol (as applicable)
  • Investigator’s Brochure (as applicable)
  • Sponsor master consent template(s)(as applicable)
Protocols submitted via the on-line COEUS system will be reviewed and approval letters uploaded through the system. Protocols submitted via e-mail will be sent approval letters via e-mail. If you then wish to upload your protocol electronically to COEUS, you may do so and the coordinator will upload the approval form into the system.

For information contact:

Dismayra Martinez, MHE, CCRP
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
2 Church Street South, Suite 112