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Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC)


The purpose of the Pediatric Protocol Review Committee is twofold: 1) to review the scientific validity of proposed studies in children, and 2) to ensure that appropriate and systematic measures to minimize risk to participating subjects are incorporated into the protocols; thereby, voting on and recommending a risk assessment to the Human Investigation Committee (HIC.)   

Revised Process Effective January 2018:

As a result of a joint effort to streamline the submission process regarding studies involving minors that require approval from the Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC), research protocols can now be submitted in IRES IRB without first obtaining PPRC approval outside of the system.

When a study is submitted into IRES IRB, the HRPP Office will request PPRC review using the functionality available in the IRES IRB system. The HRPP pre-review comments along with any PPRC required revisions will be provided to the PI and the PI Proxy via the IRES IRB system. Once the PPRC approval is obtained, the research protocol will be scheduled to the IRB for review and approval. 

For additional information regarding whether or not a protocol needs to go through the PPRC please email

2019 PPRC Meeting Schedule and Related Deadlines

Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC)

For information contact:

Dismayra Martinez, MHE, CCRP
Research Oversight Committee Regulatory Analyst
Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
2 Church Street South, Suite 409