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Initial OnCore Set Up

In order to ensure the consistency of information and ease of tracking and monitoring research study services, the Clinical Research Billing Policy stipulates that all new studies with billable services utilize Yale’s Clinical Trial Management System (OnCore). To setup a research study in OnCore and ensure the informational feed to Epic is accurate, the following OnCore set up steps must occur:
  1. The Principal Investigator must complete and submit an OnCore Study Start up Form.
  2. YCCI will input all information received from the PI and Study Team into OnCore and will create the PC Console shell. 
Questions regarding the OnCore set up process can be addressed by the OnCore Support at or call 203.737.7039.

Questions regarding registering research studies in can be addressed by the Yale Team at

Questions regarding IND/IDEs can be addressed by Amy Hummel at or call (203) 737-7139.