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Yale University - Frederick Shic, PhD

Co-director, DAAC, Co-Director, Eye Tracking Workgroup
Frederick Shic, PhD
Frederick Shic, PhD
Frederick Shic, PhD is Associate Professor in Pediatrics at University of Washington, an Investigator at the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, and director of the Seattle Children’s Innovative Technologies Laboratory (SCITL). Dr. Shic has significant experience in using eye-tracking (ET) to study visual social attention in ASD, computational modeling to describe gaze patterns in terms of perceptual characteristics, the development of gaze contingent interactive technologies, and the development of specialized software applications for education, mental health, and children ASD. His experience includes large data handling, including both scientific data sets associated with experimental technologies such as eye tracking, as well as complex phenotypic data including behavioral assessment.

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