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Boston Children’s Hospital - April Levin, MD

April Levin, MD is a child neurologist with significant experience in research EEG and specifically in implementing and analyzing EEG data from high risk infant baby siblings of children with ASD through her postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Levin, in collaboration with Dr. Charles Nelson, PhD, has developed an EEG pipeline for post-processing of EEG data in young children and children with neurological disorders (including high risk infants, children with tuberous sclerosis and ASD).  Dr. Levin’s research over the past several years has focused on developing signal processing algorithms to extract information from EEG of children with (and at risk for) autism spectrum disorder. Her clinical work primarily involves seeing patients in the Autism Spectrum Center, which provides her with regular exposure to the clinical manifestations of autism. Dr. Levin is also a member of the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN), directed by Dr. Nelson.

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