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University of Washington - Raphael Bernier, PhD

Collaborating Implementation Site Director, Co-director, Clinical Workgroup
Raphael Bernier, PhD
Raphael Bernier, PhD

Raphael Bernier, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington. He studies the genetics, neurobiology, and behavioral characteristics of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Dr. Bernier’s work in genetics includes studies to discover ASD-susceptibility genes and efforts to develop national genetic databases of ASD-linked genes. His neurobiology studies use EEG technology and focus on mirror neurons, which are involved in social interactions such as learning through imitation, comprehending language, and comprehending the feelings of other people. Dr. Bernier also participates in a national effort to establish standards of care for the medical assessment and treatment of individuals with ASD. He is PI for the collaborative, multi-site Simons Simplex Collection, Simons-VIP, and Autism Simplex Collection studies, PI for Phenotypic Characterization of Gene Disrupting Mutations in ASD and as Co-Investigator and Clinical Director on several projects including the ACE Network: Girls with ASD,  the Next Generation Gene Discovery in Autism study, and the Sporadic Mutations in ASD study.

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